5 Tips When Buying Oilcloth

Oilcloth has come a long way from when your granny had the terracotta teapots on her kitchen table. I dare to say it is downright cool with some fresh and funky designs available along with the more classic styles.


So here’s my top 5 tips if you’re considering oilcloth:

1: Know your oilcloth - there are 2 types:

  • the less expensive P.V.C. usually retailing between €6.95 - €9.95, this is made as a plastic, it won’t wear as well as the more expensive oilcloth but is cheap and cheerful. This Is a good choice when you have toddlers etc as the chances are it will be full of bolognese and crayons and you’ll need to change it before it starts tearing anyway!

  • The more expensive Oilcloth retails at €24.95. It is actually a cotton that is then laminated so will last much longer than the less expensive ones and will look more like a fabric cloth.

2: Invest in some table protector:

  • You don’t always need this but if you’re putting down hot plates/ dishes this will protect your table from heat where your oilcloth won’t.
  • It also helps to stop oilcloth slipping.

3: Use clips - especially if you have children around:

  • These are simple little plastic clips with a bit of stretch that go over the edge of your table to hold your oilcloth in place, available in store.

4: Remember that the oilcloth is protecting your table:

  • Wipe your oilcloth with some kitchen spray and a cloth
  • It will stain - if you spill curry or bolognese or the likes wipe it immediately but it may still leave a stain.
  • Remember every time you see a stain on your oilcloth - this is one less time you have ruined your table

5: Get the size right - probably the most important on the list:

  • Measure the table! As with all things in life there is no such thing as an average table.
  • Generally you want your oilcloth to be 30cm (12”)  longer than the overall length and width of your table, this gives 15cm (6”) every side which looks decent and will hold the oilcloth down without it sitting on your lap when you’re eating your dinner
  • The P.V.C. / Oilcloth is usually 135 - 140cm (53  - 55”) wide so work with what’s available; if you have 20cm (8”) either side make it the same at the ends so it looks even all around.; If you have less in the width then still add the 15cm each end as you will need this to allow the oilcloth to drape.
For example: Your table measures 105cm (41 ½”)  wide x 150 cm (60”) length and the oilcloth we’re buying is 140cm (55”)  wide - we will have an overhang of 35cm (14”) let’s go ahead and add the same to the length and buy 1.85m fabric. Now you’re educated about all things oilcloth (who would have thought there would be so much to know!) Shop our trendy range of Oilcloths now.
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