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  • The Ultimate Duvet Buying Guide

    The Ultimate Duvet Buying Guide

      Have you ever looked at the huge range of duvets available to purchase and wondered "What"s the difference?". For many people, it can be difficult to know what type of duvet to look for, and to make a smart purchase. To make life a little bit easier, we"ve put together this handy guide on researching and purchasing the perfect duvet

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  • Botanical Interiors: Bringing Nature into your Home.

    Botanical Interiors: Bringing Nature into your Home.

    Adding botanical elements to your home is quickly becoming one of this year"s biggest interior design trends. It"s also one of the easiest trends to get involved with! Whether you"re planning on going green entirely, or just want to add a few natural touches to your home, everyone can go botanical with their home decor this season. If you"re

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  • The Top Interior Trends For 2017

    The Top Interior Trends For 2017

    The new year is nearly upon us, and as with every New Year"s celebration , it comes with a whole new range of trends, predictions, and new looks to introduce into your home in 2017. The year ahead is tipped to be filled with DIY projects, natural colours and textures, and a move away from technology. Get ready for a few months of auction

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  • 5 Gifts for Craft Crazed People

    5 Gifts for Craft Crazed People

    Christmas is growing ever closer, and each year we are left with the dilemma: what do I get for my nearest and dearest? Thankfully, some people have such a vast range of interests that you can always find them a quirky, fun, and useful gift. Crafters are one such group of people! If you have someone who loves to work with their hands in your

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  • Christmas Craft: Mini Pine Cone Tree

    Christmas Craft: Mini Pine Cone Tree

    Adorn your home with a rustic mini pine cone tree this Christmas! Simple yet so effective... It"s as easy as 1, 2, 3! 1. Decorate the tips of your pine cone with gems and embellishment to look like baubles. 2. Make the base from a polystyrene ball. Trim the top and bottom so the edges are flat. Decorate the ball by painting red and adding ribbons

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  • Christmas Craft: Christmas Stocking

    Christmas Craft: Christmas Stocking

      Christmas Stocking: We all dream of creating the perfect Christmas - with hot chocolate, beautifully wrapped gifts, milk out for Santa Clause, and of course stocking hung over the fireplace. What better way to create a fairytale Christmas than with your own personalised, handmade Christmas stocking? Make one for everyone in the family,

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  • Christmas Craft: Reversible Tree Skirt

    Christmas Craft: Reversible Tree Skirt

    Reversible Christmas Tree Skirt:   You"ve gone through all the effort of choosing a tree and decorating, but the look still isn"t finished. It"s easy to complete the look with a beautiful Reversible Christmas Tree Skirt. The fun Scandi Christmas design is perfect for adding a subtle additional decoration to your tree! You will need: 1.4

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  • Christmas Craft: Advent Calendar

    Christmas Craft: Advent Calendar

    Advent Calendar It"s never too early or late to indulge in some Christmas crafting! What better way to mark the excitement of Christmas than to count down each day with a hidden treat or secret message from an Advent Calendar?! Simply follow our easy steps below to create your own! YOU WILL NEED: 0.75 metres of Xmas Craft Cotton Plain Ecru 0.

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  • What is Hygge?

    What is Hygge?

    The Danish concept of "Hygge" is taking the world of interior design by storm, and for good reason. But what is Hygge? And should you care?  Hygge, pronounced "hoo-gah", is the Danish idea of comfy and cosy living. This includes enjoying down-time with family and friends, as well as taking that hour to yourself to wrap up in a blanket with a

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  • Halloween Fun: Witch"s Dress & Hat

    Halloween Fun: Witch"s Dress & Hat

    Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to prepare your children"s costumes than to make them yourself! It"s easy to create a beautiful and unique Halloween costume with Hickey"s Easy Sew Witch"s Dress - which goes perfectly with the Easy Sew Witch"s Hat  to complete the look.   How to make a Witch"s Dress You will need

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