Advent Calendar

Christmas Craft: Advent Calendar

How to make an advent calendar

Advent Calendar

It"s never too early or late to indulge in some Christmas crafting! What better way to mark the excitement of Christmas than to count down each day with a hidden treat or secret message from an Advent Calendar?! Simply follow our easy steps below to create your own!


  1. Scandi Reindeer Natural
  2. Scandi Snowman Red
  3. Scandi Robins Natural
  4. Scandi Gingerbread Men Natural
  5. Scandi Reindeer Red
  6. Scandi Robins Red


  1. Cut 2 pieces of 7" x 22" Ecru and 1 piece of 27" x 22" batting. Cut 4 pieces of each of the 6 Christmas cotton fabric (5" x 5").
  2. Cut 4" x 26" of the lace and 6" x 8" of the ribbon.
  3. Make numbers 1 to 24 by tracing numbers onto Bondaweb. Iron onto red felt and cut. Alternatively, you can use our Pre-cut Christmas Advent Calendar Numbers.
  4. Sew 6 squares together using 0.5" seam allowance x 4 times. Press open the seams and press 0.5" hem along the bottom and sides. Press 0.25" twice across the top pockets. Sew lace in place across top of all 4 rows.
  5. Iron numbers in place on lace on each pocket.
  6. Layer back, batting, and front, and tack together. Place first row 1.5" down from the top and in from sides. Sew around 3 sides and down each pocket join. Sew second, third, fourth row 1" below the previous row.
  7. Fold 6 lengths of ribbon in half and pin raw edges to top and back, spacing evenly. Sew in place 1/8" from edge. Fold remaining ribbon in lengthwise and sew around all four side, encasing raw edges and overlapping ends.
  8. Point hanging loops up, making sure they are the same length and sew again to secure.
  9. Thread a pole through loops and hang your calendar.
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