• Christmas Mini Makes Ribbon Wreath

    Christmas Mini Makes Ribbon Wreath

    Ribbon Wreath: You will need: 12" Embroidery hoop 8-10 Metres of 3 different colour ribbon (wire ribbon works best). You may need more or less depending on the size of the embroidery hoop used.   Method: Tie the ribbon onto the hoop, alternating colours as you go. Tie each bow before cutting it of the spool. You will tie about 26 bows

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  • How to Make a Frilled Xmas Tree Skirt

    How to Make a Frilled Xmas Tree Skirt

    How to Make a Frilled Christmas Tree Skirt You will Need: 1 Metre of Red Felt for the base 0.55 Metres of plain fabric  we used Christmas Plain Red 0.75 Metres of printed fabric we used Scandi Reindeer Natural 3 Metres of ribbon or a bias fro the 3 ties and the neck binding Method: Using 1 metre Square for the base, fold in half and

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  • How to Make An Advent Calendar

    How to Make An Advent Calendar

    Waiting for Christmas to arrive can be tough. The anticipation of Santa"s visit, family gatherings and the promise of presents can make the wait seem like an eternity! Follow our step by step guide on how to make this patchwork Advent Calendar and get the countdown under way in style! How to make an Advent Calendar You will need: 1.2 Metres of

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  • How To Make A Patchwork Christmas Stocking

    How To Make A Patchwork Christmas Stocking

      You Will Need: 0.3 Metres of Scandi Stars (00362320) for the back. 0.3 Metres of Scandi Tree/Bauble (00362351) for the lining For the Patchwork: Scandi Snowmen Red (00362313) Scandi Diamonds Red (00362337) Scandi Hearts Natural (00362375) Xmas Snow Natural, (00362665) Scandi Reindeer Red (00362306) Scandi Stars Red (00362320) Scandi

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  • The Home Focus Halloween Spooktacular Costume Competition

    The Home Focus Halloween Spooktacular Costume Competition

    Halloween is nearly here, and we"re promoting creativity and fun this year with our Halloween Spooktacular Kids" Costume Competition! If you love getting creative, test your skills against other crafters and sewers by creating and entering your best children"s Halloween costume. Creating unique Halloween costumes for yourself or your child is

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  • Little Birds Garland

    Little Birds Garland

    2 pieces of felt in two colours, each measuring 8 x 10 inches (20.3 x 25.4 cm) Embroidery floss in desired colour 1 packet of small beads Stuffing (scrap wool, polyester stuffing, or other) A good pair of scissors What You Do   1  Print and cut out the template attached to this post, and arrange them on the felt, making good use

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  • Lace Crown

    Lace Crown

      Lace Crown   You will need: 0.35 metres of lace trim Fabric stiffner Glitter Hat base, headband, tulle, gems (optional) Cut lace trim to size and paint on the fabric stiffner. Sprinkle on glitter while the lace is still wet. Wrap lace around a bottle to shape while the lace dries. Once dry, remove from the

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  • No Sew Tutu

    No Sew Tutu

    No dress up box is complete without a tutu. Our no sew version is super simple and one of the easiest pieces you can make for your little Princess. Complete the look with our easy-make lace crown. No Sew Tutu 1/2 metre of each of 4 different colours of net fabric 1 Metre of ribbon Scissors Elastic Cut the ribbon long enough to fit around

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