Custom Made Curtains and Blinds

Looking for something unique? Choose custom!

Custom made curtains and blinds at Home Focus Every house is different, and that goes for every window and door too. Not every window will suit the size of ready made curtains, and in these cases, having custom curtains made can be the best option. All Home Focus stores can facilitate customers in having custom curtains made, from expert advice in choosing your fabric, to organising an expert maker to measure, make, and fit your beautiful custom made curtains.

1. Why Choose Custom Made Curtains & Blinds?

Not all windows are made equal. While many windows will be suitably sized for ready made curtains, this may not always be the case. Any window that falls outside the set range of available sizes for ready made curtains may require a custom job for a polished, beautiful finish. Have you fallen in love with a fabric that isn"t available as a ready made curtain? If so, it"s easy to get custom made curtains crafted in whatever curtain fabric you like. This is perfect for those searching for a really unique interior for their home, as you can be guaranteed that your custom curtains will be totally unique. Custom made blinds can be made to fit even the most awkward of windows and doors. Our expert makers will be sure to provide you with the perfect blinds for your room, with a polished finish. Let your individuality shine with beautiful custom curtains, direct from Home Focus at Hickeys. Just find your nearest store, get in touch, and get your order underway!

2. How To Place Your Order.

Placing your order for custom made curtains is easy. With the help of our expert staff, you"ll have chosen your fabric and have had your window or door measured before you know it. Here are all the steps involved: Buy custom made curtains at Home Focus in Ireland  

3. How Long Will It Take?

Having your curtains custom made will of course take longer than getting your hands on some ready made curtains. Depending on the time of year, customers should expect a wait of approximately 4-6 weeks for custom curtains and 1-4 weeks for custom blinds between placing their order and having their order delivered and fitted. Customers would be advised to place their order well in advance of the Christmas season to ensure timely delivery and fitting or orders in time for the festive season.

4. What Are The Other Options?

If your window size is right, you can opt for ready made curtains, which can be immediately fitted to a suitable curtain pole. This doesn"t require any special fitting, just our handy guide on hanging your ready made curtains! Find your nearesy Home Focus at hickeys store in Ireland
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