• Free Craft Demonstrations

    Free Craft Demonstrations

    Spring is almost upon us and with it comes our new round of Craft Demonstrations in selected Hickeys Fabrics and Home Focus Stores across the country. Don"t put of learning that new skill for another year - come along to our free Craft Demos to pick up a new skill, learn lots of new tips and chat with like minded people about all things craft and

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  • How to Choose Your Dress Fabric

    How to Choose Your Dress Fabric

    Choosing the correct fabric for your project may seem like an easy task - you just pick the one you fancy right? Wrong!! Choosing the incorrect fabric can make sewing and fitting your garment difficult or downright impossible. Now I’m normally not a colour inside the lines kind of a girl (I"ve been called contrary on occasion) but I will always

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  • Step by Step: Easy Sew Dress & Skirt

    Step by Step: Easy Sew Dress & Skirt

    Let me confess something to you - I am not a dressmaker - I am generally crafty, knit more than I sew and I"ll always run up a pair of curtains and a few cushions. I have even been known to quilt on occasion but when it comes to straight up dressmaking I find the whole thing a bit intimidating. I"m just not a great pattern follower - I tend to skip

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  • How to Sew a Wrap Skirt by Dainty Dress Diaries

    How to Sew a Wrap Skirt by Dainty Dress Diaries

    We have teamed up again with the fantastic Dainty Dress Diaries to bring you this "Step By Step: Sew A Wrap Skirt" tutorial! Catherine has shown great talent creating two versions of the Simplicity 8606 pattern, and has even created a YouTube video to help guide anyone who would like to do the same! I am buzzing as I type this blog post as I

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  • Do It Your Way: Inspiration From The Royal Wedding

    Do It Your Way: Inspiration From The Royal Wedding

    If any of you were up late enough and not out dancing on Saturday night you may have been sitting happily at home watching the Ray D"arcy Show with a cuppa (or glass of wine). If you were one of those people you no doubt saw Sonia Lennon, Brendan Courtney and Hickeys" very own head of display Cathy Doran (we"re not related) discussing the topic on

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  • Step by Step: Easy Sew Kimono

    Step by Step: Easy Sew Kimono

    The kimono look is still going nowhere and with our lack of fine weather and generally pale skin we Irish girls love a cover up (or maybe I should start fake tanning). It"s one of those items that once you have in your wardrobe you"ll wonder what you did without it. Wear it with your skinnies during the day, over your bikini on the beach, over a

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  • Motif Denim - Get The Look

    Motif Denim - Get The Look

    Embroidery and statement motifs have taken the fashion world by storm, seen on the runway, celebrities and in the high street stores alike. With notable designers such as Gucci and Saint Laurent embracing the trend, it looks like it"s here for the long run. Whether you want to look elegantly chic in floral, effortless trendy in grunge or to simply

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  • How To Care For Your Fabrics

    How To Care For Your Fabrics

    How you care for your fabrics can be the difference between curtain and upholstery that last for years, and ones that are faded and frayed in no time at all. Understanding the washing symbols that come with a fabric is essential. By properly washing your curtain, upholstery, and dress fabrics, you"re not only elongating their lives, but you"re

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