Embrace The Trend: Print & Bolds

Maximalism. A retaliation against minimalism, an idea that more, really is more. This trend is a great excuse to truly lavish yourself in everything that you love, it doesn"t have to follow a theme or make sense- it breaks all the boundaries. If you love rich textures, bold prints and jewel toned shades- this is the trend for you. Florals, stripes and plains all combining together to create a variety of themes and elements to your home, what"s not to love?! The great thing about prints and bolds is that you can use them as much or as little as you like. The maximalism world is your oyster. We have a few ideas and concepts of maximalism put together in this post, to give you a little inspo into how you can truly ramp up your interiors.

Pattern Play

Ah, prints. From flourishing florals to nautical stripes, a print will always add a little "juj" to a room. Layering prints with a variety of colours and patterns may seem like a bit of a risk, but the end result can have a very contemporary and modern look (it doesn"t have to look like your nana"s house). Layering bright florals like our Secret Garden Cream furnishing fabric piled with bold prints and contrasting tones adds a flurry of colour. If you are feeling extra fancy you can always throw a velour cushion into the mix (I love all things velour). Don"t forget, you don"t have to reupholster your whole living room to get the look. Here at Home Focus we have a wide range of patterned ready made curtains, cushions and bedding. Or if you"d like to get creative with our fabrics, why not check out our recent collaboration with Dainty Dress Diaries? She created some amazing Envelope Cushions and has a handy step by step blog and YouTube video! (Main image: Fern Glad Linen Furnishing Fabric, Top Left: Secret Garden Cream Furnishing Fabric, Top Right: Fern Glade Linen Furnishing Fabric, Bottom Left: Droplet Cream Furnishing Fabric, Bottom Right: Paradise Springtime Furnishing Fabric)

The Modern Home

If a jumble of patterns isn"t your thing, you can still embrace this trend using textures. Juxtaposing a variety of plush materials, such as cottons, velours and knits with contrasting materials like marble or wood creates a layered opulence. Focus on one bold print, like the gorgeous Henning Mimosa and pair it with our Sula Bauble Knit throw and Roksana Cushion, to create a comfortable opulence. You can use prints and bolds in such a subtle way, that although modern and classic, your home will have so many lovely aspects to it - you won"t want to leave! (Main Image: Henning Mimosa Furnishing Fabric, Middle Left: Henning Mimosa Furnishing Fabric, Middle Right: Glamour Silver Furnishing Fabric, Bottom Image: Roksana Ochre Cushion)

Tones and Textures

When you think of maximalism, you might not think of a tonal decor. However, as mentioned previously, the beauty of this 2018 trend is that it gives you the freedom to create your own rules. Big, bold prints like our Bergen Ochre contrast beautifully with the modern design of the Linear Ochre. We are lucky enough to have some lovely velour touches in this tone, with the Santorini cushion and the Glamour Ochre Fabric. More is more, is more!! (Top Left: Bergen Ochre Furnishing Fabric, Top Right: Glamour Ochre Furnishing Fabric, Bottom Left: Santorini Linden Green Cushion, Bottom Right: Linear Ochre Furnishing Fabric) In case you haven"t already guessed, velour plays a fantastic role in the Maximalism concept. That may be just my opinion, but I have browsed through enough Pinterest posts and interior magazines to know that it is a texture that is very much here to stay. A truly modern, yet decadent fabric in our selection is the Glamour collection. Available in a variety of stunning, jewel toned shades, they will add a little lift to even the most neutral of home decors. Emerald and Teal will make you feel as though you are in a stately home, Spice has a lovely earth feel, while Ochre is simply sumptuous. (Image: Glamour Spice Furnishing Fabric)      
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