How to Put Up a Curtain Pole

So you get home with your shiny new curtain pole and are faced with hanging it. It might seem like a straightforward proposition but I have spent years working with curtains and have seen some shockers in people’s homes. Hung barely above the window, squashed either side of the window, brackets right at the end. On a side note -don’t invite me into your home people – I may not notice the pile of newspapers a la Horders: Buried Alive but I will notice if your curtains/pole are hung incorrectly. I have already covered How to Hang your Curtains but I suppose that’s a bit like putting the horse before the cart as you have to have something to hang them on. That thing you hang them on must be hung correctly otherwise you’re just starting on a bad foot. So here’s our expert tips on how to hang your curtain pole.

I suppose there’s a few general rules:

  • Your pole should be at least 6” (15cm) wider than your window to allow the curtains to stack back
  • Your pole should be at least 6” (15cm) higher than your window

And a few things you will need:

  • Your pole and Screws
  • Hacksaw – if you need to cut down your pole
  • The correct rawl plugs for your wall type – speak to your local DIY store here if you’re unsure
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Spirit level (if you have one)

Start by measuring your window and add 12” (30cm) to figure out what size your pole should be:

If you need to cut the pole it can be done easily
If it’s a 1 piece pole:
Just remove one of the finials and cut the excess off with the hacksaw and replace the end, the end will cover up any unevenness in your work so don’t be too precious
If it’s a 2 piece pole:
Remember to cut an even amount of both sides so the pole meets in the middle of your window. Remove both ends – cut to size and replace the ends

Next figure out what height to hang the pole at:

Ideally this will be a minimum of 6” (15cm) above the window but what I would say to you here is that hopefully you won’t hang your pole until you have your curtains so that you can use the curtains as a guide. Hold your curtains up against your wall – leaving them approx. ½” (1.25cm) off the floor to mark the height the pole will hang. Make all of your marks 1.5” (3.5cm) from the end of your pole as this is where your bracket will sit – for example if your pole is 6” (15cm) wider than your window make the marks for your bracket 4.5” (11.5cm) from the edge of your window. Mark where the top of the curtains hits the wall and use this mark to mark the screw holes in your bracket. A good rule of thumb is
  • For pencil pleat: The top of the curtain is at the bottom of the bracket
  • For eyelet: The top of the curtain is at the top of the bracket
Hold your bracket up to the line and mark the screw holes with a pencil. Measure the distance from the floor to these marks and make a note of it. Next go an equal distance from the other side of the window and make the same marks using the measurements from the other side. If your pole comes with 3 brackets do this in the dead centre of your window as well. This might seem an inaccurate way of doing it but your ceiling and floors may be uneven so in my experience the best way is to have your curtains hanging evenly on the bottom – your eye won’t notice a slightly uneven pole but you will certainly notice if the curtains are in wavy lines at the bottom

Now it"s time to Break out the heavy machinery:

  • Drill and place in appropriate rawl plugs where the screw marks are – you’ll notice we used 2 different types here – the standard ones on bottom and an expanding plasterboard one on top because our surface was uneven. Speak to your local DIY store about this as they are the experts!
  • Next screw in your brackets into the plugs.
  • Place your pole on top of the brackets and tighten using the screws on the bracket.
If you’re hanging pencil pleat curtains keep one 1 ring between the bracket and finial (pole end) If you’re hanging eyelet curtains keep one of the eyelet rings between the bracket and the finial (pole end) So there you have it – one perfectly hung curtain pole. If all of this sounds like an ordeal or is likely to cause a divorce, visit your local store for information on our expert fitting service. Ready to get started? Shop our range of curtain poles and find something that suits you!
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