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How to Make a Bridal Headpiece - Video Tutorial

Tools Needed

  • Headband
  • Bridal Trim
  • Diamante Appliqué
  • Flower Sprigs
  • Glue Gun / Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
So, lets kick things off with our first look- a timeless classic!

1920"s Bride

A classic era that never seems to go out of fashion. Inspired by the Great Gatsby, this piece is made up of a Marcasite style bridal trim and a diamond appliqué placed characteristically, just off centre. Starting at the top of the headband, place a layer of hot glue 1/3 of the way around the headband. Use the glue in stages as the it dries quickly. Place the trim directly on top of the glue and press down to spread the glue. For this look the trim should cover the whole of the headband from tip to tip. Position the appliqué to the side and glue directly on top of the trim, securing the ends, you don’t want the ends sticking out.


A simple one piece appliqué decoration is a wonderful alternative to a veil, that may seem a step too far for the pared-back bride. I’ve opted for a larger appliqué with no trim on an invisible headband. First, you need to prevent the appliqué from flopping around and catching on your new hairdo! To strengthen the piece, turn it over and cover the back in glue. Place a piece of white felt over the appliqué and press down firmly. White felt is the best colour to use, as it emphasizes the sparkle of the stones. This will stabilise the appliqué and eliminate the ‘floppy frill’ effect. Cut (carefully!) around the excess felt to reveal the shape of the appliqué. Glue the felted appliqué onto the headband just off centre, this is always a more flattering position as it nestles into the hair.


Getting married at sunset on the beach? Or, in a tent at the burning man festival? No! Well, this versatile headpiece will look equally as fabulous in a city centre hipster hotel or a sprawling country castle. Delicate flowers framed by an understated beaded trim help create this unique boho vibe. Start by separating the flower sprigs. I’ve used cream and green for this look. Leave approx 3 inches flower free at either end of the headband, the flowers should start and finish just above the ears. Glue each sprig separately onto the headband, alternating the colours. Trim the sprig ends off with a sharp scissors. Glue the trim directly over the flower stems to hide them, reaching from tip to tip of the headband. If the trim is wider than the headband as it tapers to the end, just fold the ends over each other and glue to the inside of the headband. I’ve used two different colours of classic cream and white for this bride look. You could make a matching version for your bridesmaids or flower girls by switching up the flower colours to match their dresses. So, get crafting and make that bespoke headpiece, a future heirloom that your daughters will be swooning over in 2045!  
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