Introducing Wool And The Gang

Introducing: Wool And The Gang

Wool And The Gang 1

"We"ve all done it, purchased low quality, cheap, fast fashion made in factories abroad and wondered "how do they make it so cheap?" The reality is not good" - Wool And The Gang

We at Hickeys are so delighted to be the first stockist for Wool And The Gang here in Ireland. This incredible and innovative company work hard to reduce impact on the environment. The yarn they produce with all their hard work is nothing short of amazing, with so many varieties available. Check out their Billie Jean Yarn for example- it"s made from up-cycled denim remnants?!

"We created Wool And The Gang out of a passion for incredible design that"s produced in a sustainable way" - Wool And The Gang

We"ve all been there, you buy something, wear it once and then it sits in your wardrobe for a while before you get rid of it. This brand are all about sustainability and ethically sourced materials. The idea that if you make something yourself, you"re more than likely going to treasure it and keep it for longer- maybe even take care of it a little better. The high quality yarn that Wool And The Gang offer is soft, durable and long lasting- making it great for staple pieces in your wardrobe. They even have video tutorials over on their website, showing you great stitch patterns and techniques. I knit myself the Happy Days Beanie with the Crazy Sexy Wool in Bronzed Olive. It got such a reaction from people that I ended up taking requests for beanies in Hotpunk Pink and Tweed Grey. Haven"t heard of them before? Well, I am delighted to provide you with a little introduction to some of the amazing yarns we are lucky enough to supply to you. Wool And The Gang 2 CRAZY SEXY WOOL Are you looking for a cosy yarn that will give you great results quickly? Look no further than Crazy Sexy Wool. It"s great for beginner and experienced knitters alike. The wool is so chunky that mistakes (they happen to the best of us) are quickly noticed and easily fixed. The wool used to create this gorgeous yarn is considerably sourced from happy sheep in South America. Natural, renewable, biodegradable and an amazing array of colours to choose from- you will soon be in love. Wool And The Gang 3 Wool And The Gang 4 FEELING GOOD YARN Sustainably produced in the Andean Highlands, supporting Peru"s remote Alpaca growing communities, you will feel SO good working with this yarn. It is light weight, but holds warmth really well with its soft, fluffy finish. The patterns we have available in our Henry St store to pair with this Feeling Good Yarn will make you all the more eager to get creative. Wool And The Gang 5 Wool And The Gang 6BILLIE JEAN YARN Made using up-cycled pre-consumer denim waste, Billie Jean Yarn is produced without the use of chemicals or dyes- which saves 20,000 litres of water per kilogram of up-cycled material! It has a lovely drape and is perfect for summer knits as a light weight addition to your wardrobe. You can buy patterns for this specific yarn in our Henry St store. Wool And The Gang 7 Now that you’ve got the rundown- what are you waiting for? Go and treat yourself to a ball of yarn and make something you’ll be proud of! Wool And The Gang 8
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