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Step by Step: DIY Sequined Hen Party T-Shirts

  I was always slightly puzzled by the groups of girls on hen parties in matching outfits I’d see roaming the streets of Temple Bar on a Saturday night. Not puzzled because there was a uniform - I realise that this is an easy way of identifying each other when three sheets to the wind. Puzzled because not only were they in the same uniform as the three other hen parties in Coppers that night but because nobody really looks like they’re wearing what they want. If you’re planning a hen for your bestie and don’t really want to spend €20 per person for an ill fitting T - shirt that says  “(insert name here)’s HEN” then maybe I could tempt you with an easy little craft project. Make your own individual “sequin pocket T - shirts”, these look pretty cool, you will all be coordinated without looking OTT and will be cheap as chips to make.  I’m pretty sure you could even rope your co - bridesmaids into helping with the right amount of prosecco!

So this is the deal:

Get yourself a load of white/black t - shirts, with a pocket, everyone knows their size in Penneys, so take a note and get shopping. That being said if one of your hens is plus size, they can supply their own top, this is why the basic t shirt is always a good option. Let’s face it everyone likes to look good on a night out and as a former size 22 I can remember the chill going down my spine when people would hand me an XL t shirt from a kiosk  for one of these things!! I really wish I had convinced someone to do this project sooner, I would have slightly less embarrassing photos in my past! We’re off to a good start; you have your T-shirts; now get yourself to a Home Focus or Hickeys and buy a tube of Gem Tac glue and some tubes of flat sequins in the bride"s favourite colour. The glue might seem pricey at €11.95 but you’re definitely going to get all the T-shirts out of one bottle and it dries flexible and clear so you can be as messy as several glasses of prosecco gets you!

You will need:

  • T-shirts, with a pocket*
  • 1 tube Gem Tac Glue
  • Flat sequins of your choice ( 1 tube will do approx 4 shirts)

Now here’s where it gets really difficult:

  • Lay your T-shirt out flat
  • Use the nozzle to pipe 2-3 lines of the glue along the top of the pocket
  • Spread it down a little with the flat end of your tweezers
  • Use the tweezers to apply the sequins, laying them really close together, even overlapping them a little
  • Continue on in rows like this until the pocket is filled, it should only take 10 - 15 mins
  • When you get bored of precision application with the tweezers, use your fingers - it doesn’t matter too much if you get glue on top of the sequins as the Gem Tac is designed for this and so won’t dull the sequins or mark them
  • Let dry flat overnight
Here"s how it looks filled in and let to dry:
                      *If you have a t-shirt with no pocket, get creative - either trace one on with tailors chalk or if you have an artist in the bunch get them to draw shapes, even a star or a heart on the T-shirts and then get blinging. So there you have it, a fairly fun, unique look for your Hen party night out, one that should keep everyone happy, and the cost down. I got this T shirt for €3 from you guessed it “Penneys hun” - in a style I like and there was about 20 other types in every style imaginable. The glue cost €11.95 and the tubes of sequins €3.95 so if I were to do 12 T-shirts they’d only work out at €5.30 each. I think for €5.30 and a couple of hours of bedazzling that’s a fairly good hen outfit. If you’re a stressed out bridesmaid who could use some craft therapy; take a visit to your nearest Hickeys or Home Focus at Hickeys store to get your blinging supplies. Then get yourself and your girls out dancing!!!
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