Superhero No Sew Capes and Masks

Turn your little hero into a Superhero with these quick and simple no sew capes and masks. Batman, Ninja Turtles, Minions & Little Princess...the possibilities are endless with this quick and simple tutorial.

For the Superhero Cape:

Download Your Templates Here:


  1. Fold the fabric in half length ways. Pin the template in place, with the neck opening along the folded edge.
  2. Cut out the neck opening and the curved line of the template finishing in a straight line to the bottom of the fabric.
  3. Cut out shapes from contrasting felt to represent the superhero of your choice and attach to the back of the cape using felt glue.
  4. Attach the Stick & Stick Velcro to the neck opening for easy dressing

For the Superhero Masks

Download Your Templates Here: masks-500


  1. Cut mask template from one felt square.
  2. Iron on the Vilene to the back of the mask to add stability.
  3. Iron Bondaweb to the back of the other felt square, then cut out the super superhero shapes of your choice.
  4. Place the shape over one eye of the mask and cut out the eye socket. Peel back the Bondaweb backing and place back over the mask. Iron the shape in place on the mask.
  5. Attach an eyelet to either side of the mask.
  6. Measure elastic to fit around the head and thread each end through the eyelet. Secure with a stitch.
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