Interior Trends 2017

The Top Interior Trends For 2017

Interior design trends for 2017 The new year is nearly upon us, and as with every New Year"s celebration , it comes with a whole new range of trends, predictions, and new looks to introduce into your home in 2017. The year ahead is tipped to be filled with DIY projects, natural colours and textures, and a move away from technology. Get ready for a few months of auction trawling for unusual pieces, upcycling, and creating your own unique haven at home. A return to rustic features, combined with warm colours, is on the cards, as well as maintaining some principles of the 2016 craze Hygge, with escapism and meditation featuring heavily in design features for the year. So what can we expect to see in the design world in 2017? Here are the features we"re tipping to be big this year:

1. Greenery - Pantone"s Colour of the Year.

Pantone have named "Greenery" as the colour of the year, suggesting a big focus on this vibrant shade to come in 2017. This fresh shade of green is sure to highlight the arrival of spring, and keep your home vibrant and lively throughout the year. Accents of this shade are perfect for creating splashes of colour in a room, so keep an eye out for cushions, curtains and throws in that perfect shade of green! Greenery Pantone Colour is a big interior trend for 2017

2. Escapism

Technology has made its way into every aspect of our lives, and now as we reach 2017, people are trying to move away and create spaces for meditation and relaxation. This means comfy nooks and crannies, designed for getting cosy with a cup of tea and a book. This follows on from one of 2016"s big trends, Hygge, celebrating everything warm, comfy, and cosy. Escapism and hygge go hand in hand as a trend for 2017

3. Terracotta

Rustic, warm, and inviting - Terracotta is set to be one of the biggest trends of 2017. Whether it"s updating your flooring, or adding terracotta accents with flower pots, this warm reddish tone is set to feature heavily in home design throughout 2017. Even soft furnishings can play into this trend. By adopting the warm tones of terracotta for your cushions, curtains or throws, you can make the most of this warm, subtle shade. Terracotta is tipped to be on trend for 2017

4. Rustic Charm

From farmhouses to distressed furniture, the rustic look is making a comeback. Whether it"s cheap and cheerful pieces you picked up from a local auction or sale, or that old cabinet hidden away in the attic, if it"s old and a little battered, it"s the perfect piece for your home in 2017. Exposed beams and brickwork are certain to become even more popular, as the "old farmhouse" look re-emerges as one of the favoured interior design trends of the year. So for 2017, whatever you"re decorating, make sure to add that rustic element! Rustic interiors are a great look for your home

5. Recycled Pieces

As everyone looks towards creating a sustainable future, recycling is starting to make an impression on the world of interior design. By reclaiming old, unloved pieces, you could do more than just save yourself a fortune - you could also end up with some beautiful, unique pieces to place around your home. Whether it"s upcycling pieces you already own, or salvaging furniture, tiles, or wooden beams to make your own pieces, this is the year to get creative, cut costs, and think sustainability. Why not recycle something as part of your home decor? Have you made any interior design predictions for the coming year? Or will you be renovating your home in line with one of these fantastic trends? Let us know in the comments!
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