What Glue is the Glue for You?

What-glue-is-the-glue-for-you-1 Buying glue for a project may seem like a straightforward proposition but a glance at the glue section of our website will tell a different tale as there are so many to choose from. So which one to get?

Our glues basically fall into 3 different categories:

1. Craft Glue 

These are great for use on paper, felt and some can be used on other non porous materials like ceramic. They are generally very useful for craft projects like scrap booking or card making but not generally good for use on fabrics, particularly if you want to wash the item after. Glues like the PVA and school are great for kids crafts as they’re non toxic and dry fairly quickly. Though they dry clear they are white from the bottle so little ones can easily see what they’re doing. There is also an amazing range of glues called Mod Podge which are available in store and can be used for all sorts of projects like decoupage, ceramics and even image transferring but that"s a whole other blog for a whole other day! A really good basic craft glue to have on hand is Impex Multi Purpose as it’s a great multi tasker, sticking most objects and will even do fabrics like felt or ribbons, especially onto hard surfaces like card. This is generally just a good glue to have in any crafter"s arsenal and I always have a bottle on the go! Get some cool papercraft ideas from our friends at DoCrafts, we have some of their range in selected stores if you"re feeling inspired! what-glue-is-the-glue-for-you-2

2. Fabric Glue 

These are designed specifically for use on fabric which means they dry clear and don’t leave a residue on the fabric. It also means you can wash the item afterwards safe in the knowledge that the glue won’t dissolve! Check the instructions on the particular glue you choose as it may need the heat of an iron to set it. I must confess to a love of Fabri Tac, I have literally glued myself into Halloween costumes in this and survived the night, modesty intact!

3. Embellishing glue

These are glues you want when embellishing items with beads/ motifs. They dry clear and don’t leave a reside on fabric. Gemtac is pretty amazing stuff as it’s washable, dries quickly and doesn’t affect the clarity of your stones. This is the one favoured by most of our “blinging” customers, particularly those “Dance Moms” out there who have spent many a night painstakingly applying rhinestones to dance costumes. Here’s how they do it:
  • Get yourself a tweezers and a shallow dish like a saucer*
  • Pour a small amount of glue into the saucer and pick your gem up with the tweezers
  • Dip into the glue, taking care not to submerge the jewel and apply to your garment
* Frequent embellishers may want to invest in a SILICONE MAT as it stops the glue drying out too quickly when you’re using it and also saves you using the good china!

4. The Glue Gun

So you"ve caught me - I  lied at the beginning of this blog - there"s really 4 types of glue, but the glue gun is kind of all the types rolled into 1. Armed with this (pun intended), you will basically be ready for any craft action. The beauty of the glue gun is that it dries immediately, so whatever you want to stick will be secured quickly without you trying to hold it all together while it dries. It"s great for cool projects like embellishing shoes and making fascinators.  So why would you bother with any of the others if this does everything you might wonder? Well it can have its disadvantages. For a start it can leave a residue if you"re not careful with it and it can leave a bulky line underneath fabrics. My advice here is to keep your glue gun for gluing embellishments and fabrics onto solid surfaces and not to bother trying to glue fabric to fabric with it. Now that you"re in the know, you can choose the right glue for your project from our range.
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