Constellation Topaz Curtain Fabric

Meet the Constellation Topaz Curtain Fabric coming from the Celeste collection at Prestigious Textile Fabrics. Step into the faraway world of Celeste and immerse your space in ethereal influences. Inspired by the influx of celestial forms within the fashion sector, Celeste alludes to striking images of constellations and moonscapes through a gallery of varying and diverse techniques. From warp-printed jacquards presenting striking ombre effects to semi-matt, foil-printed velvets, Celeste’s characterful gallery of texture tells a story of fantasy and cohesion, urging you to explore its influences of distant galaxies. With a selection of designs suitable for upholstery, Celeste is ideal for creating whole room schemes steeped in ethereal beauty. The collection’s celestial influences continue into its palette, spanning shades from moonstone and zodiac to topaz. A metallic, matte-effect finish presented throughout creates an understated shimmer for low-key opulence
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