Custom Curtain Making

Bespoke curtains made especially for your home.

There are 3 main reasons why Custom Made Curtains might be for you.


There is nothing like the quality of Custom Made Curtains with its high quality fabric and finish. Your custom made curtains are made for you with care and attention by a single maker from start to finish.


You might have an odd sized window and cannot buy standard readymade curtains in your size.


There is such a wide variety of fabrics, linings and curtain trims to choose from, along with the variety of curtain headings to help you create a unique pair of curtains.


First it’s important to consider the setting – do you want a more formal sateen type fabric for your elegant living room or a breezy, fresh printed cotton for your kitchen?

Next the colours - be bold with pattern and colour but always pick something that you can live with long term. Custom made curtains really last and hopefully you’ll be looking at them for a very long time. Pick something you love and you can work accessories around to give you a new look.

If they’re in a high traffic area you may want to look for washable fabrics, your custom made curtains will generally have to be dry cleaned but a washable fabric can be spot cleaned if damaged.

Staff instore will be happy to give you fabric samples so you can look at them in setting and really make sure you’re making the right decision.


You will get to choose what your curtains will look like at the top, the heading you pick will also depend on what type of rail/pole you have:


Offers a more modern look, using slightly less fabric which gives a cleaner aesthetic. Eyelet curtains are ideal with a pole for a more modern feel.

Pencil pleat

The most standard type of curtain heading, which gives a timeless full finish, good for curtains if you need them to be washable as they are made with a washable tape on top.

French Pleat

Probably the most popular heading in custom made curtains as it gives a very elegant look, yet also suits a more modern aesthetic as they sit nicely in pleats down the length of the curtain.

Open goblet/Goblet

They are a version of the French pleat, in which the top is stuffed to make a round shape rather than a pleat. These lend themselves to a more formal/ traditional setting. Best styled with tie backs to drape the curtains off the window when not closed.

Tab tops

A very informal heading, suitable for light – medium weight fabrics only. These have less fabric than the other headings and look good in the likes of a children’s or family room when you want a simpler look.


You can choose curtain linings for any number of reasons, both practical and impractical. Curtains can be very functional for blocking light or keeping the heat in as well as an important design feature in your space.

  • Sateen: a good basic lining, helps protect the fabric against fading and looks good on any fabric.

  • Thermal: a fairly lightweight lining with thermal properties to keep you room cosy and protect from drafts.

  • Blackout: blocks the light and is great for keeping a room cosy.

  • Sateen fleece: entry level interlining basically, it has a light layer of fleece added to a lining to give your curtains a plush look.

  • Bonded interlining/ Blackout Bonded interlining: these have a layer of wadding added to a regular lining or blackout lining as you choose. They add a plush look to your curtains, but are most suitable for fabrics that are a little stiffer due to the way they drape.

  • Interlining: is the ultimate in curtain lining, your curtain is made in 3 layers; fabric, interlining and lining (usually sateen). The look is really plush and drapes really well. This adds a gorgeous finish to lighter fabrics like silks.


Your curtains will be machine sewn, custom made (a mix of machine and hand sewn) or entirely hand stitched.

Which of these options you go for will usually depend on the type of fabric and lining you choose. Though hand stitched will give the neatest finish, with there being little to no visible stitching on your curtains.

All our stores offer an expert curtain-making service and our expert staff will be able to guide you with your options and measurements and offer you a quote.

What do you need to bring:

Your measurements

Photo of the space and window

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