Solar Navy Blackout Eyelet Curtains

The Solar Navy Blackout Eyelet Curtains is a plain-coloured drape with a textured weave that makes them an easy go-to option for any home. For the ECO-conscious shopper and decorator, we are proud to say that these curtains are fully made with recycled polyester, meaning we are giving plastic waste a second life that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. The eyelet heading gives them a more contemporary look with large, even folds, and the blackout lining both eliminates light and lends a full look to the curtains, improving the drape and enhancing the vibrancy of the pattern. As the blackout lining on these curtains blocks out sunlight they help keep your room cool as well as dark. This lining also adds an extra layer of insulation to the curtains, giving them the added benefit of being thermal. They protect against both heat loss and heat gain, regulating the temperature of your room so you’re kept warm in winter and cool in summer. Consider this versatile curtain for your home.

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€45.00 - €70.00
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